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Laser Cutters

    laser cutter cutting a paper sheet

    Laser Cutter focuses laser beams on the surface of the material, cutting the material by vaporizing it. The workspace operates two laser cutter systems for CPD faculty and students. All of them are located in the laser cutter room, in the northwest basement of the architecture building.

    Access Procedure

    • Please check your material and cutting geometry lay within the machines’ limitations.
    • Fill out the form below to reserve a time slot no later than two days before cutting.
    • Bring materialcutting files, and cash at the reserved time.
    • Please arrive at the cutter room on time. The assistant will only wait for 15min, then the reservation will be canceled if no show.
    • The assistants reserve the right to reject cutting geometries that are not suitable for cutting.
    • If there is no one reserving the next time slot, one could keep cutting after the reservation.
    • Please help the assistant to restore and clean the laser cutter room after cutting.


    • Acrylic =< 10 mm
    • Paperboard =< 3 mm
    • Chipboard or MDF =< 6 mm

    Polycarbonate(Lexan), copolyester, ABS, and PVC must not be cut. If the material is not listed here, a lab assistant must be consulted before cutting. Cutting prohibited material will be charged a cleaning fee of NTD $1000. Please prepare a flat material for cutting. A warped material that doesn’t fit the machine couldn’t be cut.

    Machine Status and Working Area

    Universal Laser System: 609.6 x 457.2 mm (24 x 18 in)

    File Preparation

    1. File Format:3DM/DWG/DXF
    2. Delete overlapping lines.
    3. Black(R:0/G:0/B:0) for engraving, set the line width to the desired value.
    4. Red(R:255/G:0/B:0) for cutting, leave the line width as default(0 mm).
    5. Green(R:0/G:255/B:0) for reference lines, and it will be skipped during operation. It is meant for material boundaries or cut geometries.
    6. Please draw the material boundaries on the green layer, and arrange your cutting geometries in it.

    Machine Rate

    • up to 5 mm: NTD $5/min
    • above 5 mm, up to 7 mm: NTD $7/min
    • above 7 mm: NTD $10/min

    The fee is calculated with the machine’s operation time.

    Raccoon will keep tracking the usage of the machines, and all printing will be recorded as a reference to adjust the machine rates. We’ve been committed to balancing the maintenance cost and the machine rate, running an affordable and sustainable laser cut service for faculty and students. Any update on the price will be announced on this page.

    Reservation Request

    Please fill out this form to reserve the machine.

    User Manual

    Raccoon Laser Cutter Manual – CodiMD (