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NIAG Opening 2021


    Following the coming industry 4.0, it is a non-reversible trend to show workers adapting to work with an intelligent machine. Therefore, the robot’s interaction with the worker could be an advanced demonstration of human-machine collaboration. Even though the current operation and speed of the manipulator are only suitable for industrial purposes, it is necessary to find the collaboration possibility starting from the perspective of human demands. To achieve this target, we need to develop an external real-time control method for more diverse robots and break the offline programming method of the traditional industrial robots. This research displayed a set of artistic creations of human-machine dance based on the analysis of human-machine collaboration and links the control method for the real-time or non-real-time interaction of humans and manipulators. The research on human-machine collaboration displayed a customized, synchronized, intelligent, and innovative mode of technological art, which can be further used in the application of human-machine collaboration in each industry.