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3 Axis CNC Router

    The CNC router is a computer-controlled spindle that shapes the workpiece by milling.


    The router is exclusively available for current NCKU students and faculty members. To access the printers as an outside member, please contact the manager to receive a price quote.

    Access Procedure

    • Prepare your model by following the instructions in the File Preparation section.
    • Reserve a time slot with the working space assistant with this form.
    • Bring your 3D model to Raccoon at the reserved time, the assistant will analyze your model, consult with you about the milling strategy, and assist you with scheduling the routing plan.
    • Bring your model, material at the scheduled routing time.


    • Hardwood
    • MDF
    • Foam

    File Preparation

    • TBA

    Dimensional Limitations

    L2400 x W1200 x H100 mm


    The pricing structure is primarily dictated by the length of the toolpath within the simulated environment. Please be aware that additional costs may be incurred on a case-by-case basis. Hence, it is recommended to obtain a detailed quote prior to initiating any process.

    User GroupStartMachine Rate
    CPD$320$8 NTD/M (After 40M)
    NCKU$600$10 NTD/M (After 60M)
    Outsider$600$20 NTD/M (After 30M)