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Industrial Robots

    KUKA robot cell


    Developed for the manufacturing industry as process-agnostic positioning devices industrial robots are highly flexible machines capable of quickly introducing precision and repeatability to a near-infinite number of processes. Current research into their architectural implications leverages this notion, interrogating the expanded intersection of the material and formal domains allowed through their use. Raccoon has two robotic work cells at its disposal: the first contains two KUKA KR300 industrial robots mounted on linear axes; there are also two Hiwin robots mounted on mobile platforms besides the KUKA robot cell.

    Access Procedure

    The use of each robot varies from semester to semester as coursework and research projects change in scope and application. Due to the time associated with learning to use the robots, their use is primarily limited to projects associated with dedicated coursework taught by the Raccoon team. If you have an individual job that you feel requires the robots, contact the Raccoon staff to discuss the application and possible next steps. Depending on the complexity of your project, you might be asked to submit proposals to schedule your robotic projects.

    Standard Operating Procedure

    KUKA Industrial Robot Standard Operating Procedure at Raccoon NCKU (EN)

    KUKA Industrial Robot Standard Operating Procedure at Raccoon NCKU (ZH)

    KUKA Operator Training Program

    所有欲操作Raccoon Kuka 工業機器人的師生皆須參加由Raccoon認證的操作訓練,以取得操作資格。操作資格分為兩級,各級內容如下列敘述。Raccoon將並不定期開設工作營或課程,參加者視其參與狀況可取得同等資格。 由於工業機器人可替換工具之特性,每種加工程序各有其安全須知及作業程序,使用工業機器人執行各項任務前,亦須了解各工序的特性


    • 認證方式:參加4小時的L1訓練課程,並通過課程檢驗。 如已有工業機器人的操作經驗,由Raccoon管理人員協調判斷所需補足的技能。
    • 操作資格:得在工坊有L2以上人員在場時操作機器人。


    • 認證方式:具備L1資格,參加2小時的L2訓練課程,並通過課程檢驗。如已有工業機器人的操作經驗,由Raccoon管理人員協調判斷所需補足的技能。
    • 操作資格 :於上班時間獨立操作工業機器人,或非上班時間有第二人陪同時操作工業機器人。輔導L1人員操作機器人。



    User groupMachine Rate ($NTD/4Hr)Assistant rate ($NTD/4Hr)

    Research and Education

    For research and educational purposes, please inquire with our manager to receive a personalized quote for utilizing our robotic technology.