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Woodshop & Metal shop

成功大學建築學系科技大樓一樓設有木工坊及金屬加工區域提供木材與金屬加工。 People Access Procedure Common Regulation 木材與木屑丟棄規定 Group-Specific Regulations Open Hours Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 08:00 – – – – – 09:00 江靖傑 黃瀞儀 蔡承恩 江靖傑 黃瀞儀 10:00 江靖傑 黃瀞儀 蔡承恩 江靖傑 黃瀞儀 11:00 江靖傑 黃瀞儀(~11:30) 蔡承恩 江靖傑… Read More »Woodshop & Metal shop

3 Axis CNC Router

The CNC router is a computer-controlled spindle that shapes the workpiece by milling. Eligibility The router is exclusively available for current NCKU students and faculty members. To access the printers as an outside member, please contact the manager to receive… Read More »3 Axis CNC Router

KUKA robot cell

Industrial Robots

Overview Developed for the manufacturing industry as process-agnostic positioning devices industrial robots are highly flexible machines capable of quickly introducing precision and repeatability to a near-infinite number of processes. Current research into their architectural implications leverages this notion, interrogating the… Read More »Industrial Robots

3d printer

3D Printers

3D printers could create a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically by laying down many thin layers of a material in succession. Eligibility The printers are exclusively available for current NCKU students and faculty members. To access the… Read More »3D Printers

laser cutter cutting a paper sheet


Laser Cutter focuses laser beams on the surface of the material, cutting the material by vaporizing it. The workspace operates two laser cutter systems for CPD faculty and students. All of them are located in the laser cutter room, in… Read More »雷射切割機