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Robotic Timber

Robot based Timber Tectonics

Reproduction and Application of Traditional Chinese Timber Structure Components Adviser- Yang Ting Shen, 蔡侑樺Student- 黃廉凱Date- Jul 2023 Methodology of reproduction Background In Chinese traditional timber construction, “Tou-Kung” is one of the distinctive components. Bracket serves as a structural element that… Read More »Robot based Timber Tectonics


Designers: Chien-Kai Kuo, Cheng-Wen Fu, Pak-Hei Wong, Chong-Ming Zheng, Yi-Xuan Lee, Zhi-YuanAdvisors: Yang-Ting Shen, Chia-Ching YenTA: Mi-Chi Wang, Lien-Kai Huang, You-Min Gao In this architectural project, we create a tree-like structure that gracefully blends in with the surrounding trees using… Read More »織蔭

timber pavilion project

Wave Eaves

Advisor: Yang-Ting ShenTechnical Advisor: Wei-Ting Hsiao, Chia-Ching YenTeam Members:Yan-Fu Lin, Shun-Yu Wang, Meng-Lun Tu, Bo-Yu Gong、Yu-Lin Hsiao Wave Eaves is a double-curved structure formed by interlocking lumber components. The fabrication process, aided by industrial robots and utilizing parametric design tools… Read More »Wave Eaves