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3D Printing Job Scheduler

    To schedule your self-service 3D printing, please use the link provided above. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria to use 3D printers, please proceed to this page to make an appointment with the working space assistants.

    Guidelines for Usage

    • Ensure that you start your printing well before the working space closes.
    • Allow enough time for testing, removing the printed part, and potential printing failures.
    • If the owner does not claim their previous finished printing, one could remove them from the printer if they need the printer.
    • If a user doesn’t show up after an hour of their scheduled start time, another user may take over the unused time.
    • Currently, the system does not allow a timespan that crosses midnight. Therefore, separate your bookings into two parts if necessary.
    • The manager reserves the right to make changes to reservations as necessary.

    Printer Availability

    Machine Status