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Raccoon Local User

Interlace Forest

Designers: Chien-Kai Kuo, Cheng-Wen Fu, Pak-Hei Wong, Chong-Ming Zheng, Yi-Xuan Lee, Zhi-YuanAdvisors: Yang-Ting Shen, Chia-Ching YenTA: Mi-Chi Wang, Lien-Kai Huang, You-Min Gao In this architectural project, we create a tree-like structure that gracefully blends in with the surrounding trees using… Read More »Interlace Forest

Robot & Computer Vision

The integration of industrial robots and computer vision is a cutting-edge approach in various industries, including architectural design, that combines the power of robotic systems with advanced image processing capabilities. This synergy enables greater precision, enhanced automation, and real-time feedback… Read More »Robot & Computer Vision

Robotic Rod Bending

Robotic rod bending integrates industrial robots into the architectural design process to manipulate and bend metal rods with high precision. This advanced technique leverages the versatility and accuracy of robotic systems, offering architects greater design flexibility and reduced material waste.… Read More »Robotic Rod Bending