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Graffiti Wall

Designers : Wei-Ting Hsiao, Fang-Che Cheng, Jia-Shuo HsuAdvisors : Tay-Sheng Jeng, Yang-Ting ShenAssistants : Yi-Chun…

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Designers : Wei-Ting Hsiao, Yi-Chun WuAdvisors : Tay-Sheng Jeng, Yang-Ting ShenNCKU Design Center : Po-Ming…

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NIAG Opening 2021

Following the coming industry 4.0, it is a non-reversible trend to show workers adapting to…

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Robotic Painting

When robots meet art, it will trigger unprecedented sparks between artists and engineers. The robot…

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timber pavilion project

Wave Eaves

Advisor: Yang-Ting ShenTechnical Advisor: Wei-Ting Hsiao, Chia-Ching YenTeam Members:Yan-Fu Lin, Shun-Yu Wang, Meng-Lun Tu, Bo-Yu…

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