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Robot based Timber Tectonics

Reproduction and Application of Traditional Chinese Timber Structure Components Adviser- Yang Ting Shen, 蔡侑樺Student- 黃廉凱Date- Jul 2023 Methodology of reproduction Background In Chinese traditional timber construction, “Tou-Kung” is one of the distinctive components. Bracket serves as a structural element that… Read More »Robot based Timber Tectonics

Workspace Policies

工作規定 空間規定 共同規則 Makerspace 雷切室 三軸CNC雕刻機室 Raccoon工作室與工業機器人工作單元 木工坊、金屬加工區及濕式加工

woodshop tools

Tool Borrowing Service

Access Procedure Pricing 除有另訂使用費率之器材,皆為免費借用。部分器材如電鑽及線鋸機,不提供鑽頭等消耗品,請參考表單中標示。 Notes Inventory If the embedded table is incorrectly displayed, please open the source instead. Currently, the table isn’t optimized for mobile devices, please use a desktop for a better experience. Open Hours Time Mon Tue Wed… Read More »Tool Borrowing Service


Woodshop & Metal shop

成功大學建築學系科技大樓一樓設有木工坊及金屬加工區域提供木材與金屬加工。 People Access Procedure Common Regulation 木材與木屑丟棄規定 Group-Specific Regulations Open Hours Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri 08:00 – – – – – 09:00 江靖傑 黃瀞儀 蔡承恩 江靖傑 黃瀞儀 10:00 江靖傑 黃瀞儀 蔡承恩 江靖傑 黃瀞儀 11:00 江靖傑 黃瀞儀(~11:30) 蔡承恩 江靖傑… Read More »Woodshop & Metal shop